Bison Horn Maria


A Homage to Tribal India

Adivasi translates to "first dweller". There are over 100 million tribals living outside of the Hindu caste society in India. Their origins precede the Vedic Aryans and the Dravidians of the south. The Adivasi still speak tribal languages not understood by the dominant Hindus, and they follow archaic customs foreign to both Hindus and Muslims alike.

It is unlikely that these people will be able to continue in their traditional way of life for too much longer... due to the pressure of land and relentless approach of the modern world ("Global Village"). What is far more likely is that the erosion of their cultures and traditions will continue... until they eventually disappear as distinct tribes and are absorbed into Hindu society.But before this happens... I hope to artistically do homage to these people with my photographic work and compile as thorough a book as time and effort will allow... which could very well be my life’s mission.